Colour Theory 101
#1-Science Of Colour
Light travels on waves at @ 186,000 miles per second. Remember 7th grade science class?

The 7 Rainbow Colours is light split into different wavelengths, vibrating at different speeds and frequencies. At the red end they are vibrating longer at 700nm/per sec. penetrating deeper and feeling warm to the skin as in summer, when the days are long, nights are short,the growing season is On, the weather is warm and the sun is Hot. At the violet end of the light spectrum, they vibrate faster shorter and cooler at 400nm/per sec. penetrating less deep, leaving the skin feeling cool as in winter time the nights are long, days are short, and the weather is Freezing. On each side of this visible light spectrum there is still lots of wavelengths we can not see: like Infared rays and microwaves vibrating long on the red side and ultraviolet rays, x-rays, and gamma rays vibrating very fast and all are not visible to the human eye. An object that absorbs all wavelengths and does not reflect any is called: Black. An object that reflects everything is called: White We best associate the 7 colours of the rainbow with Sir Issac Newton in 1866 through his prism Experiment as when he shone the sun through the prism it reflected all 7 colours and when inverted again the prism would condense into one colour of white light.

A good example is: a banana is yellow because it is an object that absorbs all colours except yellow and It is that colour of yellow that it reflected back to our human eye.

#2-How we see colour
Our eyes have many parts; the pupil, rods, cones, iris, cornea, retina and our lens. Each part has a function. And,it is the rods that let us see at night and it is the cones that help us to see in the day. The cones are really good for fine detail and light is needed; the rods are not so good with the colour or fine detail but are good for overall getting around at night. Each eye sees colour through the left and right visual fields separately; for example, the right eye is connected to vision through the left brain and yang energy or ( masculine energy) which see colours of red, yellow, blue, violet and the left eye is connected to vision through right brain and works on yin energy which is (feminine energy) the colours are orange, green, indigo, violet (colour violet is both fem./masc.) We need to see all 7 colours in our life daily to stay balanced on all levels.

#3-History of Colour
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