How New is Aura Technology?

According to East and Western alternative medicine practices, Auras have been felt and seen for many hundred years. It is also felt that the body’s reflex points give out the current energy state and how healthy the internal organs and glands are in our bodies.

Colour Science heals disease in the body using Biofeedback Technology through,reflexology light, sound, gems, aromatherapy, nutrition,and Dr. Bach’s homeopathic emotion balancing remedies.

The purpose is to be able to stimulate all 5 of your senses within your body on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

By using the Biopulsar-Reflexograph, this computor system measures the bodies stresses and emotions; it then prints out A Biofeedback analysis showing any physical and emotioal imbalances. The Client is then given colour homework So he/she can start right away to correct these low energy areas using food, colour baths ,oils gems, sound and excercises.

Did you know that humans change their thoughts every 3 sec., and it takes at least 68 sec. to manifest a thought into reality; so, by taking a colour bath for 1/2 hr you are immersered in that colour thought for 1800 sec. Isn’t that closer to peace of mind? 
Try it!!!

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Pocket Healer 1.12

( iPhone / iPod Touch App, iOS 3.1.2 )

Available now, in the App Store, for $2.99

Also available for Windows and Mac ("Desktop Healer")
Desktop Healer for Windows!
Desktop Healer for Mac OSX!

Update: Version 1.12 contains stronger Healing Frequencies due to further Tera Mai Seichem training.

Pocket Healer is an App that contains Divine Healing Frequencies (note: does not use audio), and is available at the push of a button!
It performs a 5 minute session, and the session length can be increased or decreased by 5 minute intervals.
Each 5 minute session does the following:

 1. Clearing & Energizing the body's energy system.

 2. Releasing Ties to old patterns with the help of Archangel Michael.

 3. Raises Vibrations by transmuting dense energies into higher frequencies, using the Violet Flame.

 4. Healing on every level.

 5. Grounding, to anchor the changes into the physical, and to help you be more Present, Here and Now.

Please do leave feedback on the Contact page!

In Late September, Mary Jane Gottschlag ran a test of the Pocket Healer (v1.08) app, using a BioPulsar Aura Reading Machine.

BioPulsar test results:

Test Subject "J"

Ideally, you want the Crown, Brow, Throat, and Root chakras
to have a maximum range of 10 points between the highest and lowest one.

Same for the Heart, Solar Plexus, and Spleen chakras.

Before session with Pocket Healer:

Before we began the session, J. had a 32 point spread between the Crown, Brow, Throat, and Root chakras.
There was a 26 point spread between the Heart, Solar Plexus, and Spleen chakras.

Considering 10 points is the ideal variation, that is quite a lot.

During "Clearing and Activating":

During "Releasing Ties":

During "Raising Vibrations":

During "Receiving Healing":

During "Grounding":


Now there is a 7 point spread between the Crown, Brow, Throat, and Root.
There is an 11 point spread between the Heart, Solar Plexus, and Spleen.
J. was very anxious before we started, and very calm and present once the session was complete.


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