What is Colour Healing101?
It is a website based on teaching about Colour and showing how easy it is to be aware of the Colours you wear, eat drink, smell and like to look at everyday of your life. How does this help you ?

Did you know that Colour Therapy is a form of Vibrational medicine. It is commonly used in hospitals; the use of lasers in medicine and surgery has now become quite common and necessary. Colour is light split into different wavelengths, vibrating at different speeds and frequencies.  Colour like light stimulates our endocrine system ,which is connected to our body’s energy centers or (Chakras). All organs, body systems and functions are connected to these 7 major Chakras and we can strengthen and balance these centers when we consciously use all 7 colours of the rainbow everyday.

Curious to see the latest on Aura Technology?
Using the latest in European technology, the aura picture provided by the Biopulsar-Reflexograph corresponds to more than 95% of the person’s real energy field, it is based on hand reflexology and with a qualified aura and chakra analysis, the client will be able to understand the energy blockages in their aura through the colors that they can see on their own photograph as it visibly surrounds the body .

The bio-field or (Aura) is the electromagnetic field of energy that emanates from all living beings. It’s symbols and colors constitute a blue print of one’s soul and a chart of one’s life potential.

Actual Aura Photo

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